Vince Cometh and The Photographer Takes a Trip

By the Photographer’s Assistant


It is a Thursday and the Photographer is arranging and primping his car. For the first time in a while the Daughter will be taking the day off on Friday. It is a special day for the family and the Photographer is taking his girls out for the day. When the day dawns, the Photographer packs his girls into the car. He is going to take them for breakfast at the Riverford Farm Shop, where the Daughter and the Assistant will enjoy a little shopping and a nice cup of coffee. His purchase of breakfast is very welcome and a real treat.


Blacks do great food!

Blacks do great food!

Breakfast taken, the party make their way to the coast, but they are not at the coast for the seaside, but for a very special shop. The Daughter has an acquaintance, who runs this shop and she is ready for them, excited that the Daughter has chosen here for this very special purchase. Lined up in a row are 6 white frocks. The daughter has finally found time to chose her wedding dress. The frocks are all beautiful, they come from a white, bejewelled fairyland. The Photographer is pleased. He finds a seat for the fashion show. The Photographer and his Assistant got married with the Assistant wearing a cheap “Dorothy Perkins” green and white nightdress, full length. They had only been to two weddings since in the past 45 years and were enchanted with this process so left the Daughter to choose her frock. There were “Wows” and “Ooohs” and “Aahs” and lots of giggles from everyone. The Daughter chose a beautiful fairy tale frock and her friend had given her a wonderful time. With a disguised tear, the Photographer made financial arrangements and the deed was done.

Ever since his daughter had been born, he had looked forward to this moment. He could not have been more proud. The Assistant was emotional and the Daughter looked overcome that her dad could love her, looking at the price ticket, quite this much. So to the many of you,who have dared to inquire, the wedding of the year continues to entertain the little town, where these two young people are so well known.

The Photographer was delighted to arrive back in the Little Town, where the whole family had a celebration courtesy of the Daughter, the Boyfriend and a dear friend, who had had one of his pigs killed and had brought along a beautiful piece of pork. The pork was simply delicious. The next day, the photographer topped his own efforts by taking his wife out to the Chagford Inn, for a delicious meal. (Thank you John)

Vince, the plumber, arrived soon after this event. He was meticulous in his duty. At last the elderly, smelly old oil boiler was replaced with a brand new Anglo German one, which was super efficient in every way. Radiators and pipes were taken away and replaced at lightning speed. The whole system was so improved that the Assistant insisted on roasting the whole house, touching all the radiators and revelling in hot water, all of it delivered reliably, on time and not on the usual wing and a prayer. The Photographer basked in being the great provider and opened, most unusually, a bottle of sparkling cider, which had been specially purchased from Blacks Deli together with a very special piece of cheese. Never had the family held him in this high a regard. He felt that he had to make the most of it before things returned to normal!

In the little town, the Boyfriend, now has such a heavy work load (he never says no to most jobs) is barely seen by the daughter as they both wave to one another going to or coming from work. The Boyfriend’s latest project, Chagford Swimming Pool,the refurbishment thereof, is taking shape. He feels proud of the work and is looking forward to the Grand Reopening in May. Meanwhile the Daughter and the Committee are making grand plans for the event. They are all very proud of it now being an environmentally heated pool. It will, of course, be photographed by you know who and no doubt feature in this blog.


Dusty sees the joke!

Dusty sees the joke!


Sadly, not everything in the country is perfect. The Assistant was woken recently in the very early hours of the morning by gunfire. She could identify the gunfire as being a distance away. It was faint, but disturbing. A couple of weeks later, she was out on her usual walk when she and the Photographer met the lady they often meet. She loves riding her competition horse around the same section of countryside and, today, she was anxious to thank the Photographer for a lovely photo, which he had taken of it. She also had bad news. She told them of the shooting of local deer by people from away. Worst of all, a small lamb had been run over, killed and thrown, just like a piece of litter, up into the hedgerow. The local deer had been disturbed and panicked, one of them almost walking into her and her horse as they rode the lane. No one like s this sort of event. It makes our cosy little haven seem less secure.

Well, that’s it from our cosy little town and surrounds, as we look forward to meeting more visitors to our town and making them welcome over the next Bank Holiday. Please use the Visit Chagford website to find out what to do and where to go.

Footnote: It was with great sadness that the Photographer and the Assistant, having just purchased their daughters wedding dress, watched Trevor Hicks, father of two victims of the Hillsborough Disaster tell of how, when his daughters were born, he had looked forward to paying for their weddings. Now, he never would. They were the sisters, who died in that terrible, searing tragedy.

Footnote: To two dear friends, who will know who they are. Many, many congratulations on your recent wedding.

The Photographer’s snapshots can be seen on Flickr (follow link) or the serious stuff is on Artfinder (follow link)

Any similarity between characters in this blog and real people, products or events is entirely co-incidental

Any similarity between “The Little Town” and Chagford is entirely deliberate, Click on this link to find out more. Visit Chagford





Photo Footnote: Happy Birthday Queen

Photo Footnote:
Happy Birthday Queen

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  1. Trish said:

    Lovely! I can picture it all. When is the big day?

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