Comfort Food

Rare Breed pork Sausage and bacon in a hand made roll........oooh wonderful

Rare Breed pork sausage and bacon in a hand made roll……..oooh wonderful

By “The Photographer’s Assistant”

So, here we are in March and still the battle between seasons goes on. Enough said, it will all improve, and soon we’ll all be running up and down our plots with watering cans swearing at the drought!

Just recently the photographer and the assistant have been adventuring into places that sell splendid food. Despite its location and primitive and wild looking nature, this area is a foody paradise, so much so that when we go away we take our food with us.

A trip to the R.H.S. Rosemoor on one of its busiest days in the year, the place packed and car parks full, produces a sublime meal. Despite the kitchen alterations as well as the crowds, here was a simple wholesome meal. We had baked potatoes with the most imaginative of fillings, mine being a leek and mushroom sauce, and the photographer’s a beefy chilli filling. To follow, there was a vanilla cheese cake with a wonderful rhubarb compote. Our own rhubarb now being larger by the day, whoever dines here over the next month or two will get our own attempt at the dish!

Next, here we go food shopping. We forsake the supermarket for an organic food emporium, which is a drive away, so we only visit now and then when funds allow. What a treat! On arrival, a huge bap full of egg and proper bacon, the egg a proper yellow, running out of the sides of the bread and the bacon really tasty. It takes about an hour to select the delicacies that will last the next month. The meat counter produces a huge gammon hock that makes two meals and some stock, which when dry peas are added makes wonderful soup. The cheese counter is groaning with wonderfully wrapped cheese and we choose a beautiful Stilton, so tasty that you only need a little on your plate. Next comes bread, sourdough, olive bread, chocolate cake full of bits of plain chocolate, and from the counter, huge wodges of chocolate pie for only 90 pence a portion. We buy two portions and cut them in half at home. The creme fraiche makes a delicious carbonara and I could go on, but you are probably so hungry by now that I feel guilty.

In ordinary, everyday life; if you could say life here was normal; we shop on Wednesday and find wonderful biscuits to take to a friend and a good tin of anchovies at our local deli. In our local organic cafe, we have a cup of coffee and buy a cauliflower, just small enough for two and two pears for tea. Perfect!

Whole food

Whole food

The interesting observation being that if anything, this food cost less! I have no idea why, perhaps it was because it was more interesting and simply less hassle!

Until next time, enjoy your supper and think of summer.

The end.

The end.


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