The Battle for Spring

Spring Sun fighting Winter

Spring Sun fighting Winter

By “The Photographer’s Assistant”

Apologies dear reader. We have not disappeared, but been ill. I wish I could say that the photographer and his assistant have had the sort of illness that never gets you, but that would not be true, we have both been terribly ill.

Do you remember being a toddler in the fifties, when the doctor was the only one with a car and  would go on his rounds? He would arrive at your house, be given a cup of tea and a fresh towel and asked to look at you, the toddler. You would have a fever involving scarlet fever, mumps, measles, German measles and all sorts of unpleasant illness. If you were really lucky, the fever would be so high, you would have multi coloured dreams, and be allowed ice cream, which someone would run to the corner shop for. If you were really unlucky, you would have polio like my cousin, who lost the use of her arm. We have been in that sort of state; where your energy deserts you and the strongest person gets an invalid lunch, and resorts to the wine stocks for just one more glass, medicinal, of course.

Enough. While we have been inside for days, we have noticed the start of the big spring battle. We have allowed ourselves woolly hatted and scarved in our conservatory, where the rare sun has been a little more obvious and the wind has driven clouds across the sky before there is chance of rain. The birds are hovering over likely nesting spots and arguing over special places. There are shoots, snowdrops and seed planting has begun. We are daring to plan a holiday. Winter punches hard at the brightening sun. Today, there is a weak attempt at snow, which doesn’t quite come off. Soon, it will be spring, all day and every day. Hoorah!

Living on Dartmoor is like living in a religious order. You have the right to be silent all day if you wish, or you can sit in a cafe and rant a bit. Your neighbours will sit and listen with concern knowing that you will listen when they are concerned. The great material for the rant will often come from journalistic programmes at the BBC. Does David Cameron think we should all wear a string vest instead of receiving our heating allowance? This being an example of the basis for a randomised rant. I cannot tell you what effect the lack of the Today programme had on Monday. You can only imagine.

Dear reader, I shall return next week, The gods allowing, of course.

Daffodil fights to make Spring happen

Daffodil fights to make Spring happen

  1. Patricia J Smith said:

    Thank you! Fantastic photo of the clouds. You have a good eye. Do include us in your travels when you feel up to moving away from home! Love, Trish & Mike

    • Jo Bennett said:

      Like letter from America – But from urvery own Dartmoor- Alistair Cook would be proud.

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