Snow and Tree Felling

Cold Sheep

Cold Sheep

By “The Photographer’s Assistant”

It must be said that, at first, we welcome the snow and the fog, with it’s complete “ white out”, but after a week, it’s charms have worn off. We now have ice, followed by a massive thaw. The farmers, having already faced the worst amount of rain on record, now face even more water. The mud is a sticky unwalkable mess. Animals will have to go under cover for a while, which always increases the risk of disease just as lambing is approaching

By tomorrow, despite our great care, we will have run out of fresh food. Our internet deliveries have been unable to get through. The birds have no seed to eat and the blackbirds stand screaming by their feeding tile, only a pair of apple cores being available to feed to them. Milk will be gone soon and tins and rice will be the order of the day.

We had post yesterday; our postman determined to get through, bringing some relief with the delivery of a subscription magazine for us to read. We grab it greedily, like someone in one of those wartime films receiving a Red Cross parcel.

Despite the weather we were woken by an enthusiastic work force. They had come to take down two enormous trees from our neighbour’s garden. They were polite and enthusiastic and tremendously brave. We have seen quite a sight, with diminutive men climbing huge trees with enormous courage.

Hooray! We have just had a supermarket delivery by another brave young man. He managed to get to a farm in a very remote area, where a grateful farmer helped him back on to the road with his tractor. Thanks to him, we have milk and fresh supplies!

We feel gratitude to the tree surgeons and our neighbour, who have given us a new view and sun in the garden to welcome the spring.

We may have had a challenging week, but have been reminded of the courage and bravery that surrounds us here on the Moor, where, when under treacherous conditions we were not left alone.

Tree Climber

Tree Climber


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