The first week of January 2013

Ford Popular on Fingle Hill

Ford Popular on Fingle Hill

By “The Photographer’s Assistant”

…………and so the first week of 2013 dawned and brought with it no rain!!!!  The ground continued to exude water at every angle, through wall, out of the earth, and across our paths. So, we gave up, at last the coats that now leaked, and boots that bore holes, all through over use.

I have a calendar; with frosty ways, and Christmas cards full of frothy Robin hollows, but it is mild today, and shrubs and trees intend to grow out of season.

And so dog walking becomes once more, a giving pleasure. Up the great hill from the village views are green and clouds are fluffy.

Taking the spaniel up the hill on Wednesday, and rounding the corner for the common, behind me a mass of white in the distance, a man and a stick. Sheep are being moved to a lower pasture. They are broad backed, white, almost bleached, and the farmer is proud; issuing instructions to his sheepdog.

The moving of sheep on the moor is enjoyed by all. It is a hint of the traditional, the long held rythm of our lives we cling to with joy and hope.

The week continues its pleasant rythm and we continue in peace and tranquility, hailing our neighbours and a year to be filled ahead of us all

On Saturday, an unusual event fo the Moor; the annual Exeter long distance trial. Here we have the past in abundance, veteran motor bikes, some with sidecars, cars that once roamed streets unremarked, but now the hallowed survivors of decades past.

We stand with due reverance and watch these survivors in use again, trundling up a muddy hill, one by one, their lungs heaving and coughing. We are surrounded by noise and hubbub. Eventually our feet are cold, and we are tired, so we retreat to Drogo for dripping bacon butties and wondrously hot coffee.

In the evening we eat a meal with friends, and row in a jolly way over the way of the world.

Of course, we reach no conclusions.


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